Alternative Medicine : Modern Medicine Essay

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Each case mentioned earlier emphasized the routes patients take and how those routes fail to improve their health, especially to fully resolve their financial issue of affording their prescription. One solution to consider is alternative medicine, which is cost effective, rarely produces side-effects, includes a healthier lifestyle, and makes the patient independent of their prescription. Alternative medicine emphasizes use of remedies that integrate herbs, acupuncture, or homeopathy that is outside the traditional practices of conventional medicine. Patients resorting to this form of medicine would no longer need to buy or attain their prescription, but will follow a different régime that can potentially reverse their illness. Many studies show the effectiveness of alternative therapies. Among them, one study addresses reversing osteoarthritis with alternative therapies. They narrated the case of Bice, a California resident diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis that bore “holes in three of his lower vertebrae” (Walsh). His osteoarthritis caused him to receive unending back pain due to his deteriorating spinal column, and as his conditioned worsened he was prescribed a variety of drug treatments to address it. Brice headed to a pain management center hoping to find complete relief, and the physicians inevitably prescribed him four different drugs. They include “morphine, Valium, a nerve medication and an experimental drug” and were recommended to be taken simultaneously
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