Alternative Medicine : Safe Alternative Treatments

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December 5, 2016 - please pass this letter on to Mr. Trump and his family. RE: Vaccines - Immunity Modern Medicine, sick care management – Affordable Care Act Alternative Medicine, prevention - safe alternative treatments Hello Mr. Trump: Until now, I have rarely watched the news or had any interest in politics or voting. In fact, this is the first year I registered and felt it necessary to vote. I never thought anyone outside of politics would be able to penetrate our poorly ran Government. Speaking with others, I had found out that many more people would have voted for you if the one-sided media didn’t sway them in the other direction and if they did not fear of being ridiculed. Congratulation for doing something I did not think possible. Fifty nine years ago I was born into a family in the modern and alternative health industries. I was one of the fortunate to experience both modern and alternative health treatments and to work in these industries for the past 35 years. I have seen the success and failures of both industries and the serious problems that exist in both. Thirty years ago two to three children daily were coming into my family pharmacy with serious reactions to drugs and vaccines. During that time period I did not believe that all of these reactions were from vaccines or drugs. During the next 10 years, these numbers of reactions were increasing. I noticed these reactions skyrocketed during the prior months before the beginning of the school year and just
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