Alternative Medicine Vs Conventional Medicine

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Alternative Medicine vs. Conventional Medicine

Prepared for:
Angela Chittick
Business Communications Instructor
Mid-Plains Community College

Prepared by: Samantha Maser
Business Communications Student

March 19, 2017

TO: Angela Chittick, Business Communications Instructor
FROM: Samantha Maser, Business Communications Student
DATE: March 19, 2017
SUBJECT: Alternative medicine vs. Conventional medicine
Here is my analytical report on whether taking on more alternative therapies will help our family with our overall health and budget. In researching this topic, I found out that even though most adults use some form of alternative medicines, there is a lack of evidence based information regarding efficiency, safety, …show more content…

When our family grew to five our budget grew smaller in certain areas. With health care and prescription costs growing, our budget is being stretched by the added doctor visits, medications, and prescriptions. With Alternative Healthcare on the rise and our need for a healthier lifestyle and extra budget, would it be beneficial for my family to change over to a “natural” household.
The purpose of this report is to weigh the costs and benefits associated with alternative medicines and healthcare and see how they compare with conventional or complementary medicine and health care.
I have decided to start my research with finding out just what Complementary and Alternative Medicine is and the areas it consists of as well as the history behind them. From there I will weigh the Benefits and Downfalls of these practices and look at the overall

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