Alternative Medicines for Animals: Herbs and Acupuncture Essay

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In recent years, the exposure of pill-peddling pharmaceutical companies and the dangers- such as the various toxins and the risk of dependence- that their manufactured drugs pose on the body has turned more and more people of the western world back to basics for their health care. Richard L. Nahin from the National Institutes of Health's National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine states that according to the institute’s latest research, "It's clear that millions of Americans every year are turning to complementary and alternative medicine."
With greener cures for themselves on the mind, many pet owners and farmers have been considering the benefits of alternative medicines on animals- two of the most popular forms being …show more content…

Some modern herbal medical practices are also using pharmacognosy to develop their medications, despite many herbalists strong advice to use the plants as a whole. Herbal veterinarian Chris Day claims that, “A natural combination of ingredients of the whole plant tend to act in synergy and to balance each other in nature.”
Organizations for natural health care of animals support the idea that for minor issues, a visit to the vet is needlessly expensive. Treatments as simple as teas composed of a mixture of various herbs being applied to the affected area or ingested can cure common ailments such as colds, chewing problems, irritability, bad behavior, hyperactivity, periodontal disease, ear and skin disorders, diarrhea, paw tenderness, fur loss, body aches and wounds from fights with other animals.
Herbs can also be used to prevent and treat major ailments in animals such as arthritis, liver problems, respiratory problems, heart problems, chronic kidney failure, epilepsy, chronic lameness, hormonal disorders, allergic skin disease, inflammatory bowel disease and hoof health if used regularly.
Common plants used for herbal veterinary medicine are Goosegrass Cleavers, Dandelion, Hawthorn berries, Echinacea, Valeriana officinalis, and Comfrey – Symphytum officinale. There is an especially wide assortment of herbal remedies for canines. Aloe Vera is applied directly to an affected area to sooth scrapes, burns, and

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