Alternative Methods Of Pain Treatment And Management Essay

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Chronic pain is a tremendous public health problem, and a costly one. As health care advances and the need for palliative care rises, patients and health care providers are constantly investigating alternative methods of pain treatment and management. Questioning and challenging traditional health policies and practices has created a curiosity in the use of cannabis as an alternative option to standard opioids, for the management of chronic pain. Cannabis, is a leafy green plant consisting of buds and leaves of the cannabis sativa forma indica plants. Marijuana has been used in holistic solutions for hundreds of years; it has also been especially prevalent among terminally ill patients, who have been reported using it to alleviate symptoms like chronic pain, nausea and depression.
Medical marijuana laws are currently in effect in 25 states, as well as the District of Columbia. In recent years, medical marijuana advocates, and members within the scientific community have joined together with the New York City Council to present compelling patient vignettes before state lawmakers in Albany to show legitimate need for cannabinoids. New York City maintains its position as actively investigating into these claims. As a New York City nursing candidate, depending on state legislation, this may be an avenue of therapeutic treatment that I must research, educate patients on, and utilize effectively in my future career plan. Currently, opioids remain the only form of

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