Alternative Positiong Strategies

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Positioning After the organization has selected its target market, the next stage is to decide how it wants to position itself within that chosen segment. Positioning refers to ‘how organizations want their consumers to see their product’. What message about the product or service is the company trying to put across. The UK car Skoda brand which has been taken over by Volkswagen has been re-positioned as a vehicle which had negative brand associations, to one which regularly wins car of the year awards. The positive comments from the industry and attributes of this vehicle is has changed the perception of consumers about the Skoda brand. Developing a positioning strategy Developing a positioning strategy depends much on how…show more content…
Alternative Positioning Strategies Strengthen own current position in the consumer 's mind. Empower your current position, and make the image that you are the right choice brand because you are the best or have a competitive advantage. Example: Fairy: أقوى سائل لإزالة الدهون Macdonalds: أسرع ديليفرى فى مصر Vodafone: أقوى شبكة فى مصر و العالم Grab an unoccupied position ٍSearch for an unsatisfied need and position your brand in it. Example: Pepsi Diet vs Pepsi Max VS There’s no actual difference between Pepsi Diet & Pepsi Max, the point is that when Pepsico made its research, it found out that most of the males don’t prefer ordering Pepsi diet, even if they are on diet, because it is considered a feminine drink, so Pepsi introduced Pepsi Max, with the same condition, but its black and more targeting males to be fit for a male look. Deposition or reposition the competition When you try to make a competitive strategy, and attack your competitor through advertising but through an ethical way, just repositioning the competitor. Example: Etisalat Ad, when they brought a hand, and someone saying that some people use hands for playing with puppets (Vodafone), and some make it people (Mobinil) Identify one 's self as a member of an exclusive club. Act to insure the image of your brand excellence has reached your customer’s mind, let his mind think of your
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