Alternative Procurement Strategies For A Single Portfolio Procurement Strategy Essay

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Question 2.4 The range of alternative procurement strategies for the client to adopt are portfolio, programme and package/project procurement strategies. Each are detailed below: • Portfolio Procurement Strategy – This is where the Client could group projects and programmes into a single portfolio procurement strategy. This would aid the effective management of the new casino development to satisfy the strategic and value objectives of the Client. • Programme Procurement Strategy – This is where the Client could group, coordinate and then manage the multiple components of the works into a single programme of projects. The Client can obtain certain benefits and control from programme management rather than independently managing the projects. This is in terms of timelines, implementation, planning and the like1. • Package/Project Procurement Strategy – This is where the Client could allocate different components of the works into different work packages managed by different contractors under a framework or non-framework agreement. The above range of procurement strategies listed above will all have an effect on the packaging, contracting, pricing and targeting strategies. Watermeyer (2012) suggests that the Client could follow a three-step process which would be, (1) development of a delivery management strategy, (2) decide on the contracting arrangements and (3) decide on the procurement arrangements. These three steps are further detailed below: • Developing a
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