Alternative Solutions Of Banning Internet

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Alternative solutions of banning internet
Today, businesses mainly use the Internet for advertising, marketing, and customer support. Without internet provision it would be difficult for the organizations to work in the competitive world in a proper way. As per the case, the CEO of ‘OZ mine’ took the decision that all internet access by employees in the organization is to be banned. Because the CEO feels that the sensitivity information of company can be leaked by sending or posting confidential material, trade secrets, or proprietary information outside of the organization. In that case there are some solutions which can be the alternate of banning internet.
Café provision ¬¬¬– There could be a provision of cyber café for employees for the entertainment. There would be an ID punching machine for accessing in the café so that it can keep the record of employees that for how long they are spending time on internet. In the café room employees can use the social networking site or check their personal e-mails. This can give them a break from their work and refresh their mind to unload stress. Breaks at work are an emerging area in the field of recovery. It encourages people taking as time away from work to “recharge their batteries.” (Fritz . et al, 2013). Break is necessary for relaxing mind and to do work more effectively and efficiently. If the employees would work continuously without taking pause they become bore and then they would not show their interest in their work…
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