Alternative Sources Of Alternative Energy Sources

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What are alternative energy sources ? Alternative energy sources are forms of energy that use natural resources to produce energy. There are three main alternative energy sources that can be used in the place of fossil fuels, which are Nuclear, Solar, Wind, and Hydroelectric. Fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and gas are decreasing and eventually will run out. Usage of fossil fuels cause harm to the environment by producing greenhouse gasses. Alternative energy sources are not harmful to the environment. Some countries are trying out alternative energy sources to reduce the dependence of fossil fuels, but its still not enough. If more alternative sources are used we could turn this planet into a much a much safer place. Its important that we make use of alternative sources everywhere before its to late.

Why are they termed “non renewable” ? Similar to fossil fuels, Nuclear energy has also been termed as a non-renewable energy source. This is because it can not be recreated after being used. Unlike Nuclear energy, Wind, Solar, and Hydroelectric are known as renewable sources. These three are considered renewable because they can be replenished over time from the Earth’s natural processes. This is vital because these sources would never run out, as long as the Earth’s environmental cycle is still intact. Even though the damage caused by the usage of non renewable energy can’t be deleted; if more alternative energy sources are used we can help earth environmental cycle can
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