Alternative Sources Of Energy From Fossil Fuels

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Each day, advancing technology requires a stable source of fuel to produce the thousands of units of energy being consumed by it. At present, this energy is derived from various sources with fossil fuels being the largest by far. According to the United States Energy Information Administration, in 2014 sixty-seven percent of the United State 's energy was converted from fossil fuels. ("What is U.S. Electricity Generation by Energy Source?") Although fossil fuels are able to meet rising energy demands, they are limited and toxic to this planet. For this reason, U.S. officials have already begun to consider alternative sources of energy to break America 's fossil fuel addiction; namely, liquid fuels derived from various agricultural crops. However, using agriculture in this way infringes upon the nation 's food supply and the quantity of fuel produced is unable to meet rising fuel demands. Due to this, a new, dedicated source of energy is needed. One proposed source is microalgae, a microscopic plant-life form that is neither a part of the food supply, or a detriment to the environment. In addition, microalgae are able to produce copious amounts of liquid fuel in comparison to currently used crops. America should invest in the production of microalgae for bio-fuel to solve issues caused by modern energy production processes. In the past, there have been significant events that have led to increased awareness of energy production and the way it affects the planet. James A.
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