Alternative Sources of Renewable Energy Essay

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With a growing population around the world, the need for energy is growing as well. We are accustomed to using fossil fuels as our central source of energy for everyday uses. Fossil fuels are a natural matter that is found in the ground of the Earth formed in a previous time period millions of years ago that are nonrenewable and are used for energy today. Fossil fuels have to be burned in order to produce energy. When nonrenewable resources have been used, they cannot restock themselves or ever be used again. Renewable energy is a supply of energy that can be used as many times necessary and does not use any compound made from the Earth. There are many different types of fossil fuels and renewable energy that we use for energy…show more content…
Solar power has been sufficient on the Earth “literally forever”. In order for ships to have power, wind has been used since 3200 B.C. Soon the windmill is invented and then at the beginning of the 1900’s, hydroelectric power for electricity is introduced. Shortly after this time, renewable energy was basically forgotten because other sources of energy by using fossil fuels were booming. Renewable energy became a topic of interest in the 1970’s when there was a gas shortage crisis because of the tapering production of oil from the Middle East. Although people began to realize soon after this that fossil fuels wouldn’t last forever and that a new source of energy needed to be established. By all means, we are not out of fossil fuels today; we just use them rapidly which causes them to vanish faster (Hoyle). One of the greatest benefits from using renewable energy rather than fossil fuels is that it is much cleaner. There are no toxins and pollutants pushed into the air by burning like when using fossil fuels. This makes renewable energy much more competent to the environment and to people for preservation and health reasons. Renewable energy can never run out so there is always an infinite supply. When fossil fuels are burnt, it creates greenhouse gases that are harmful to our atmosphere. This makes our solar energy become caught in the atmosphere which in turn, causes global warming because of the absorbed heat. Many
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