Alternative Strategies of Managing Business

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Alternative Strategies of Managing Business Alternative Strategies of Managing Business Introduction The success of any business company depends on the strategy it takes on to increase its efficiency. This is because all organizations look forward to increase their returns, and minimize their expenditures. In light of this, success in a business then depends on how successful it is in maximizing its resources, and expanding its market share. This can only be realized when alternative strategies are considered in promoting the business of the company. Essentially, businesses can sustain their exemplary performance by undertaking some change management initiatives. This will depend on the strategies considered by these ventures. This study will look at three alternatives, which may be embraced to boost business in a company. The three alternative strategies considered in this study are the innovation strategy, which involves promoting innovation through branding and rebranding of the products and services of the company. The second strategy considered is the international marketing strategy where the company will expand its market to new external markets. The third alternative strategy is leveraging the human resource strategy. This involves the development of employees so that they can give extra input for the realization of desired results. This strategy may involve training, remuneration, and developing appropriate job designs. The study will outline the advantages
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