Alternative Theories to John F. Kennedy's Assassination

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On Friday, November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas, John Kennedy hoped to gain support for the upcoming election. Kennedy, who was accompanied by his wife Jaqueline, Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson and Mrs. Johnson, Senator Ralph Yarborough of Texas, Governor John B. Connally, and Mrs. Connally was riding in an open car in a motorcade driving from Love Field airport to the Dallas Trade Mart (“Kennedy”). At 12:30 p.m. CST, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was shot (“Kennedy”). The fearless John Fitzgerald "Jack" Kennedy seemed to know that death would eventually arrive at his doorstep, as it did. Although one shooter, Lee Harvey Oswald, was able to slay the president, questions still remain if he was the one and only shooter. Many unanswered…show more content…
A published account of the intended route of the motorcade, which indicated that the president's car would pass within shooting range of the book depository, enabled Oswald to strategize his crime. At approximately 2 PM that same day, Oswald was arrested in a movie theater in Oak Cliff, a Dallas suburb (“Kennedy”). November 24, just two days after the assassination of the president, Oswald was being transferred out of the Dallas police station where he had been interrogated. Oswald was shot and killed on live television by Jack Ruby, a Dallas nightclub owner with links to local organized crime bosses. Based on his curious recent history and political affiliations, Oswald was a believable assassin in the eyes of the American public, and his death at the hands of Ruby seemed to bring closure to the astonishing case (“Alternative”). The Warren Commission was later set up to probe the assassination. In its findings, presented on September 24, 1964, the commission concluded that Oswald acted entirely alone, and was not an agent of any broader conspiracy to kill the president. While the Warren Commission's report was deemed credible at the time, and while its conclusions are still acknowledged as the official explanation, the report failed to answer some very perplexing questions about the tragic events of that November day (“Alternative”). The official account is that from the sixth floor of a book depository, Oswald fired three

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