Alternative Therapy: Fake Medicine? Essay

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Many doctors see alternative therapies as only a joke in the medical field. New ideas and procedures without surgery or the use of medication are being portrayed as fake, unneeded and ineffective. Many are not considered serious medicine by the medical field specialists. There has to be another way to help heal the body instead of cutting patients open, or shoving all types of medications into patient’s bodies. Although alternative therapies are not taken seriously by doctors, the therapies are becoming increasingly more popular each day. Society is looking for better and more practical ways to achieve healthier lifestyles. Many patients are interested in new and safer ideas to stay healthy. Information regarding alternative therapies…show more content…
Each of these specialized alternative therapies deal with different issues in health and all can be utilized to live a healthier lifestyle or deal with specific problems identified by the user. First, acupuncture is an old art of Chinese health care. Acupuncture is the insertion of needles into the body, the needles are said to treat diseases and to relieve pain. “Recent clinical studies have shown that the practice affects the body in measurable ways—reducing blood pressure, for example, and increasing the circulation of endorphins, natural pain-relieving chemicals” (Acupuncture Is Safe and Effective). The practice of acupuncture is becoming more popular as patients see the results. Acupuncture is not a new procedure. The Chinese have utilized it for generations. What is new is the availability of acupuncture in today’s current society and the knowledge sources that can currently be found via online data sources. Second, chiropractic was designed to treat and prevent disorders of the spine, or a shortened term, spinal manipulation. “Spinal manipulation has been found to be effective for some causes of low back pain (chronic pain more than acute), neck pain, muscle tension headaches, and a few other aches and pains” (Menke). Chiropractic has become widely popular over the years because of advancements proving help with back pain. There is a licensing procedure and required

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