Essay about Alternative Transportation & Greenways System Plan

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Alternative Transportation & Greenways System Plan

In Transportation Alternative's "Bicycle Blueprint" for the five boroughs of New York City, John Kaehny, executive director, states:

Making greenway networks a reality will require partnership between planners and advocates, on the one hand, and public officials controlling purse strings on the other. Local elected officials, particularly city council members and borough presidents, have to be reminded that greenways can multiply the value and variety of open space in the region at very low cost in public resources; under ISTEA, bike and pedestrian projects may be paid for using a 20/80 local/federal matching formula. What's more, by offering fresh air, recreation, quiet and sheer
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This committee is charged with guiding Ratio Architects, the city contracted engineering firm, in facilitating public workshops, preparing the planning document, and crafting a comprehensive plan.

This paper will explore the policy process underlying the development of the City of Bloomington's Alternative Transportation and Greenways System Plan. It will investigate the issues and the actors, the rules and policies that influence an outcome, priorities and alternatives, as well as the lessons that can be learned from this project and others like it.


First and foremost, the most pressing issue and reason for the current greenways project rests on the desire of the citizenry to realize and exercise alternative means of transportation. Indiana, like most mid-western states, is heavily dependent upon fossil fuels and recognizes the strong hold that fuel economies have on its citizens. In Life After Oil Jeremiah Creedon states, "Oil supplies are dwindling - and much faster than most business, government, and even environmental leaders recognize. Problems are already appearing in the form of climbing gasoline prices, electricity shortages, and skyrocketing heating bills."3

Nonetheless Indiana still seems perfectly

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