Alternative Ways To Perceive The Environment Constantly

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Alternative ways to perceive the environment constantly arise as time progresses and the relationship between humans and nature becomes more complex. There is no set concept of nature and the relationship humans share with nature, leading to the formulation of many different notions among nature writers. Some writers, such as William Cronon call into question the conceptions of the natural world by deconstructing the term “wilderness” and describing the repercussions that go along with this incorrect perception. Cronon’s argument that the concept of “wilderness” became socially construed over time, causing people to remain environmentally irresponsible, correlates to the character Tayo, in Silko’s Ceremony, as he ventures on his journey…show more content…
The myth of the frontier further solidified this shift in the definition of wilderness by creating the perception that the frontier is capable of disappearing completely and a “notion that this crucible of American identity was temporary and would pass away” (Cronon 75). People were no longer avoiding the wilderness; instead they went out to experience the phenomena others wrote about. What once was feared became a revered staple in the hearts of many. Cronon goes on to explain the negative consequences that arises from this misconstrued attitude towards wilderness. Humans have begun to think of themselves outside of the realm of wilderness due to the concept of the sublime and the myth of the frontier. The belief that humanity and nature cannot coexist causes irresponsible environmental behavior and prevents humans from finding solutions to environmental dilemmas, “any way of looking at nature that encourages us to believe we are separate from nature-- as wilderness tends to do-- is likely to reinforce environmentally irresponsible behavior” (Cronon 85). In order to change the relationship humanity shares with nature, humans need to stop splitting the world into two separate categories. Human and nonhuman, natural and unnatural-- categories such as these limits the actions that can be taken by humans. Unless humanity eliminates the false perception created by the sublime and the myth
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