Alternative to Incarceration Intermediate Sanctions

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Introduction Alternatives to incarceration have been explored in recent years due to the overcrowding in the correctional system. Intermediate sanctions is one of those alternatives. Intermediate sanctions have long way been used in the United States due to the benefits and options that it offers from saving money to reducing overcrowding but it does, however, have its unfortunate faults. There are many programs within intermediate sanctions that work and some that fall behind. Intermediate sanctions is an alternative to the costly prison system but to what end? As an alternative to incarceration, intermediate sanctions are most often used for non-violent offenders. Intermediate sanctions is a new option of punishment that was…show more content…
It is common practice for judges to sentence an offender to one or a combination of these programs depending on the crime that they have committed. The overall goal of these programs is to limit the amount of people being sent to prison to avoid any further overcrowding. The second set of programs are known as back-end programs. These programs are implemented when offenders made improvements in compliance and behavior, as well as any treatment that they might have had. These programs primarily involve the reduction in restriction and supervision of an offender. Offenders are moved from higher levels of supervision and restrictions to lower levels of control to finish off the remainder of their sentence (textbook,132). The final category is known as trap-door or side-door programs. The primary function of these programs is to act as an emergency release option. These are not used as much as the other categories but this allows for non-violent offenders to be release on emergency circumstances only if they have done at least six months and is eligible for parole. There are many programs that fall within intermediate sanctions but there are a few that are more widely utilized. Some of the most utilized programs consists of Intensive supervision probation or ISP, boot camp, and community service. ISP is the most popular and has the longest running history of any other intermediate sanction (Tonry, 1997). ISP utilizes a variety of
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