Alternatives to Deadly Force: A Look at Tasers, Pepper Spray, Bean Bag Guns and Batons

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The purpose is to explain the necessity and the alternatives to deadly force. Necessity of deadly force will include laws that have been passed by the United States Supreme Court, training methods and policies of Federal, State and Local agencies Alternatives to deadly force are less-lethal weapons that are used by law enforcement today, TASERS, pepper spray, bean bag guns and batons. Does deadly force need to be used against violent suspects? Federal Law Under federal law if a suspect poses a threat to a law enforcement officer or the public the officer has permission to use deadly force. The Supreme Court says there are two factors that are involved to use deadly force, dangerousness and necessity (Hall, 2004). An example of…show more content…
(Gergen, Ann) Key Points of Minnesota’s State Law on Deadly Force. To comply with state and federal standards Minnesota’s State law on deadly force must include the words probable cause for training purposes. This is not the whole version of Minnesota’s law on deadly force, it is key points that are in the law. The officer has probable cause to believe that the suspect poses a threat of death or great bodily harm to the officer or someone else. (Gergen, 2007). This law is the same as federal law just different wording. If the suspect committed or attempted a felony with the threat of deadly force the officer must have probable cause to use deadly force to prevent the escape of the suspect. (Gergen, 2007). The third main point the policy has is that the officer has probable cause that a suspect has attempted or committed a felony and if the officer has probable cause the suspect will cause death or bodily harm if apprehension is delayed the officer may use deadly force to prevent escape.(Gergen, 2007). Differences in the Minnesota state law and federal laws are very minimal, but yet noticeable in the way lawmakers word the law. Training and Policy Used by Federal Law Enforcement Training of deadly force is an important aspect of law enforcement, not only to train officers/agents properly on when to use deadly force, but to avoid lawsuits against officers and agencies. The

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