Alternatives to Dhaka Traffic Jam

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENT This research paper is part of my course requirement Eng105 that was assigned to me for this fall semester 2007.The research paper is based on the most happening concern of Dhaka city- Traffic congestion. The research paper titled “Alternatives to control traffic jams in Dhaka city” is done with the constant help and sincere contribution of many people. First of all I would take this platform to thank my Course instructor Ms. Melissa Hussain; she had been a constant support and directed us the various steps that are required in completion of this project. Next the people who patiently corresponded to my questionnaire and also showed a great interest to my research work. The North South University librarian, who tried…show more content…
The U.N. statistics projected that Dhaka would be the most populous city after Tokyo by year 2015. According to a recent Japanese environmental report, “Dhaka city is beset with a number of socio-environmental problems. Traffic congestion, flooding, solid waste disposal, black smoke from vehicular and industrial emissions, air and noise pollution, and pollution of water bodies by industrial discharge....” With the increasing growth in population the other variables for living like food, shelter and demand for better roadways have increased in recent years. The main cause for traffic congestion is the mismanagement of the government to regulate a healthy traffic in the city, followed by the slow non-motorized moving vehicles like rickshaw, the building of multistoried buildings without adequate parking facilities. But presently caretaker government has put RAJUK (RAJUK is one of the lead "Construction Actor" in the development process of Dhaka. The main activities include construction of roads, box-culverts/culverts and bridges and also development, excavation and filling of land) in the move to actively handle and demolish the structures that were illegally occupied by people which were public owned property this demolishing act by RAJUK gave Dhaka more space for movement for people and construction of roads. Thus the inadequate and inefficient form of transportation system has led the whole
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