Although I Am More Inclined To Identify With Expressionism,

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Although I am more inclined to identify with expressionism, there are benefits to the other three ideologies: current-traditional, cognitive psychology, and social-epistemic. As an English teacher, it is important to understand the benefits, as well as the liabilities, of all four of these ideologies, so that they can be fully utilized in the classroom when necessary. These next paragraphs will explore the pros and cons of the four ideologies in depth. A pre-1960s ideology, Current-traditional is a popular philosophy that many English teachers still adopt in their classroom. There is much to be said about the negative consequences of this ideology, but there are some positive consequences, as well. For example, current-traditional…show more content…
This has the potential of ruining a young writer’s confidence and putting them off of writing permanently.
Cognitive psychology, Berlin’s second ideology, is similar to current-traditional in that it focuses on error. Yet, cognitive psychology “address[es] the ‘process’, rather than the ‘product’ of writing in the classroom” (Berlin, 480). This, to me, is a benefit because the focus is not what a student can produce, but, rather, the process and steps that they take to achieve their writing goals. Another positive aspect of cognitive psychology is that it emphasizes the individual: their process, their writing, and their goals. However, there are some liabilities that are associated with the cognitive psychology ideology. For example, it is a science-based ideology that refuses to acknowledge important ideological questions. This can be viewed as negative for several reasons. One reason is that it turns the writing process into a “one-size-fits-all” formula that is meant to achieve goals, but not to reflect on the value of those goals (Berlin, 482). It assumes that all writers go through the same process, which is not necessarily true. A second reason is that although this ideology considers itself to be apolitical, many of its ideals align with the ideals of the modern corporation. Therefore, it produces
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