Although The Scene Above Taken From The Show, The Office,

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Although the scene above taken from the show, The Office, is a comical one, there is still truth and value to the message behind it that depression is of a serious matter. Many people often mistaken being depressed as just being sad or “down in the dumps” for a couple days when in reality it’s a true disease that overtakes thousands of people everyday. Unfortunately for some people that’s just the way their brain is wired and there is nothing they can do about it but take medication. Now with this medication comes the controversial topic on if the happiness is actually created by the human or is artificial. Many people have this misconstrued idea which isn’t fair considering they can’t control how their brain is wired and they need this…show more content…
Doctors put such an emphasis on the fact that it’s not ok to feel unhappy that I think they seem to forget being unhappy is a natural feeling that all humans must go through, we are not created to be happy 24/7, we are created to feel all emotions which includes that of unhappiness. You can’t go around masking something our innate beings were meant to feel; it may work that way with aching joints and how you take anti-inflammatories to hide the pain but not when it comes to your true emotions. In my opinion this all favors laziness in the sense that humans don’t want to face their problems head on anymore and if there is some sort of drug out there that will take it away from them, then their wallets open up. Unless you are truly suffering from this disease and heavily show all the symptoms then I feel it should not be as easy to acquire these drugs that are designed to permanently rewire your brain. Multiple studies have linked the long-term use of antidepressant drugs with a significant term, “emotional blunting” in both men and women. Basically what emotional blunting does to the average individual, is it can make patients have a new sense of
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