Although This Was Not The First Personality Assessment

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Although this was not the first personality assessment that I’ve completed, after reading this week’s study material, I can honestly say that I have gained a more expansive understanding and perspective on the subject. First, I had not considered the correlation between our covenant with God and the responsibility that we should maintain a similar engagement with one another on a day-to-day basis (Presentation: Lesson 1 – A Worldview Perspective on Organizational Behavior, 2012). While I knew that our personality type could provide context to how we may conduct ourselves in any given situation, I had not considered the broader connection to how our personality type also affects our ethical decision-making and problem-solving (Kinicki &…show more content…
Mine states, “Lord help me to relax about insignificant details beginning tomorrow at 11:41.23 am e.s.t.” (Prayers for Myers-Briggs Types, n.d.). This sums me up in a nutshell! As I reviewed my MBTI results, most of my percentages have not drastically changed over time. This gives me continued confidence in the following MBTI results which indicate I am an ‘ISTJ’: introvert (16%), sensing (9%), thinking (31%) and judging (53%) (Jung, Jung Typology Test, 1998-2017). As I read more about my style, I can honestly say that there were few, if any, points that I disagreed with. In summary, I do not get my energy from engaging in large crowds. Analysis by paralysis is a real challenge for me, given I have a knack for the details. I won’t let my feelings get in the way of a decision which can be a relationship inhibitor if I don’t keep an eye on it. I Corinthians 14:40 and Ecclesiastes 3:1 will both maintain a special place in my heart; everything should have a time, place and purpose. My blind spots include my tendency to think that I’m right, which debatably I think I am. I may find myself facilitating “win-lose” discussions and I tend to be extremely serious most of the time (Jung, 1998-2015). My temperament is ‘SJ’, also known as “The Guardian”, with a primary objective to inspect then execute the task at hand (Jung, 1998-2015). So, to sum it all up, you can count on me to do what I say I will do.
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