Altius Golf and the Fighter Brand

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External Environment The external environment of Altius Golf consists of: the golf industry, its competitors, regulatory bodies such as United States Golf Association (USGA) and the golf players. External environment includes some opportunities as well as threats for Altius Golf which is discussed below: Opportunities Growth in industry has just restarted after a period of recession; hence this is an opportunity for Altius Golf to acquire the market share of reviving golf industry. Moreover, recent consumer study carried out by the United States Golf Association (USGA), has revealed that high cost of golf equipment is one of the reasons for the lack of interest in golf sport, however; Altius Golf can capture the market growth by…show more content…
The public interest in playing golf is falling in the U.S, consequently; sales of golf equipments are falling and this is clearly a threat to Altius Golf for its future sales in the U.S. One of the major competitors of Altius Golf, Primiera, has introduced a campaign for marketing of golf equipment which is specially designed for new learners of golf to help them play the sport and learn it easily. This strategy has been successful as it has captured the market share of Altius Golf and some other sellers in the golf market. Primerra’s strategy is a potential threat for Altius as it can gain a major market share from Altius Golf and may become a market leader in near future. Internal Environment Internal environment of Altius Golf includes the process, culture, differentiating point and strategies of the Altius Golf, which affect its performance. Strengths Altius Golf has competitive advantage over its competitors through its sales of Victor TX and Altius Golf has become the market leader in providing golf balls under Victor TX line; additionally, this advantage has given Altius Golf the benefit of economies of scale. Moreover, Altius Golf has an already established chain of “off-course” and “on-course” outlets for selling its different range of products, which has given its customer easy access to its golf equipments. As per calculations made in spread sheet, market share of Altius Golf is higher than other competitors in the golf

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