Altruism Is Important in Society

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Semester 1 2009

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Why is kindness or altruism important for society?

Roselyn Weereratne

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Tutor: Joyce

Tute: 17:30 Monday

Why is kindness or altruism important for society?

Altruism may be defined as a basic selfless attitude that may attribute to those providing initial intervention (Ronel, 2006).

For a society or community to thrive, prosper and grow minimum expectations must exist for the individuals of that community to be happy. Rules and laws are in place to govern the ways in which we should act socially, ethically and morally. Among such principles is an expectation to be fair and kind to those around oneself, as you yourself would like to be
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In other words although kindness is important to society, I might not be able to help if the provider doesn’t benefit in one-way or another or if it costs me too much.

As Guagnano, Stern, and Dietz (1995) interpret the Schwartz model, for a person to act altruistically, the person must be aware of negative consequences and also must attribute some responsibility to take appropriate action to persons like himself or herself. When people hold both these beliefs, they
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