Aluminium Introduction:

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Aluminium Introduction: The element Aluminium has a symbol of Al and has an atomic number of 13. It is a very light, soft and useful metal used for many things such as cans, foil and kitchen utensils. It is a ductile metal, a good conductor of heat and electricity, does not corrode and is a solid at room temperature. It was discovered in 1825 by Hans Christian Oersted in Denmark. Aluminium is one of the most used metals in the world as well as one of the most commonly found metals in the Earth’s crust.…show more content…
Aluminium’s chemical properties include a thin coating of oxide that helps prevent the air attacking the aluminium. If this oxide layer was to be damaged, the oxygen in the air would burn the aluminium causing a white flame to appear. If aluminium was to be mixed with the elements: magnesium (Mg), Silicon (Si) or Copper (Cu) it would form a very strong alloy. These alloys can be used for automobiles and aircraft such as helicopters and aeroplanes due to their high strength. This is a picture of aluminium at its melting point. Why is Aluminium important to us and what are the uses? Aluminium is important to us for many reasons; it plays a part of our everyday lives. It helps us get to places every day. It is used for automobiles such as cars, aero planes, helicopters, trains, buses, boats, etc. They use aluminium as it is a light but strong metal. The lighter the metal, the more energy you will save and the faster you will
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