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ABSTRACT This project entails developing a web based application for Dau Alumni Portal for two of the faculties that is Faculty of Information Technology and the Careers Department which both are facing a problem on how to keep in touch with their graduate student. As for solving this problem, portal for alumni need to build as the objective is to create a system of a "middle person" entity, allowing alumni members and non-members to communicate in virtually. This portal is Internet web-based systems that consist of interactive web page which is accessible exchanging information between user anywhere around the globe and web set without any time constraint. In addition, management is getting updated alumni record and resources by…show more content…
With the Internet, purpose is to provide easier communication and transfer of information among people around the world. Nowadays, government, private, university, and institution mostly have a web page as a primary source of information for people of all ages to access on it. 1.1 BACK GROUND INFORMATION Dau University (ANU) is a member of the worldwide family of Nazarene institutions affiliated with the Church of the Nazarene founded on the same principles - the development of students in a strong spiritual environment. ANU offers a well-rounded, holistic education to help members establish themselves in three important areas as its motto: Character - Explore your faith for living. Competence - Achieve your goals for your career. Community - Find your place in the world. It is the first Nazarene University established outside of the United States. It has been an affiliate of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities since February 2002. It was established in the year 1994l located on the Maasai plains across Nairobi National Park, from the city of Nairobi. 1.2 PROBLEM STATEMENT Each year, hundreds of students graduate from this university. The common problem faced by faculty is how to keep in touch with their graduate students because there is no system that has been develop to act as a "middle person" for communication among the faculty
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