Alumni System

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1.0 Introduction A University is a growing academic institution. Number of under graduates and post graduates pass out each year and play their role in the different departments of the life i.e. commerce, science, Technology and textile. Maintaining the records of these vary students is an important task. Those students who left the university after completion the master or under graduates programs are called alumni of the university. System is a productive, integrated, and extensible software development life-cycle tools platform that helps software teams by improving communication and collaboration throughout the software development process. A well-designed alumni system ensures that data are readily available to manage the education…show more content…
* To create a program that will be used to manage and organize all the data in the organization effectively and efficiently. 1.3 Significance of the proposed system * Cost savings and cost avoidance A well-conceived and implemented automated system can reduce the costs of handling the paperwork associated with record keeping. Even when such a system proves initially expensive and actual reductions in current costs are not achieved, it is justified given future savings and efficiency. * Quicker response When information from alumni is requested, it is usually needed promptly. * Accuracy Paper records have traditionally been considered accurate, although not necessarily complete or accessible. Maintaining data quality as information is shared, analyzed, and reported is a characteristic of a well-designed system. Accuracy is vital at every stage, from data collection, to entry, to maintenance in the system. Accuracy provides users with the confidence they will require to rely upon an alumni record. * Getting the needed information An effective automated alumni system should provide the information required on request, easily, and without burdensome trial-and-error searching. * The system provides accurate managing alumni data. * This can simplify data collection and enables research that otherwise it would not be very hard. * It can be much quicker than manual system. * Alumni System
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