Always Alone: The Silence of the Lambs Film Analysis Essay

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Always Alone After watching the movie silence of the lambs this paper will discuss the movie and the different mental disorders between Dr. Hannibal Lector and Buffalo Bill. Then how the characters are differ in disorder from each other. Also will be discussing how these symptoms may have occurred and why they impacted their lives. To finish this paper the topic of treatment and other options would be for them if they were go in for treatment to seek help. The movie silence of the lambs was a movie that combined Hannibal Lector and Buffalo Bill. In this move we learn that Dr. Lector can help solve the Buffalo Bill case and save the governor’s daughter. First the movie starts off with the character starling on the obstacle cores when she…show more content…
Dr. Lector also likes to toy and offend others which amuse him. Other than that he was an intelligent human being who could typically help his patients when they went to therapy. In the video he stated that he’s vision was his memory which was interesting because most people cannot remember exact details for long amounts of time but he could because he drew Florence Italy from memory from his holding cell. Looking at this disorder with in the film it is hard to come up with a solution or a treatment because, what will make someone not eat another human being? As far as the antisocial disorder we could potentially put him with a group of people that can take his kind of language and offence to show that people are not all that bad and to give them a chance. Another thing that would have to be done is telling Dr. Lector what would and would not be appropriate in conversation and why. It seems to be that if they do not know it is wrong or disrespectful they will continue to use it in everyday language. Going to counseling might also work as well to see why exactly they like to stay by them self. Hesitating go give a solution to Dr. Lector’s disorder due to the other components that lie with in his disorder. As far as buffalo bill goes this movie is mostly about him but has little of screen time until at the end. When he was first on screen it was him at his house sewing skin pieces together. At this point in the film the viewer had no idea
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