Always On By Turkle: Article Analysis

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The article “Always On” by Turkle discusses society’s inability to detach from the technological world. Quite a few times, she toys with the idea of technology as a search for one’s identity; or perhaps, a change in identity. This struck me. As I post a picture displaying the love for my dog on one day, and then a picture of my political views the next, aren’t I too changing my identity day to day, moment to moment? On Tuesday, I am Kaitlyn- the concerned voter and feminist fighting for equality across the board. As Wednesday comes, I am Kaitlyn- the animal-loving, puppy-obsessed dog mom. However, even with my changing identities, it is the constant marking of history unique to the internet and networking that make all of these micro-identities…show more content…
I mean- my brother makes his living off of creating clothes for the avatars of people who delve deep into this alter-reality What could be so terrible about a person’s real life that the need to escape into a virtual one is so strong? Truthfully, it wasn’t until I really reflected on my own usage of my computer and iPhone that I realized I’m just as much of an escape artist as the daily Second Life user. Just yesterday, I was tired and cranky as I sat in my English Seminar on the American Frontier. I was annoyed by the content of the course and faraway in my thoughts of the hundreds of other things I could have been doing instead of sitting in that swirly black chair for the next hour and fifteen minutes. What did I do to ease my troubled, distracted mind? I quickly popped open my Nook account and took to reading a book that was due for an upcoming class. Of course, I still threw in my opinion to the class discussion every few minutes; we are the age of the multi-tasker, after all. My point is, as long as people continue to fall victim to a dependency on technology, we are all in some way escaping our reality, even if only for a few seconds.

The exploration of my own identity will never stop as long as the internet continues to challenge me to see things differently and expand the plethora of knowledge I hold within the confines of
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