`` Always Outgunned, Always Outnumbered By Walter Mosley

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“Always Outgunned, Always Outnumbered” is a cornucopia of 14 parable, interconnected short stories deeply embedded with philosophic moral dilemmas, written by author Walter Mosley. This collection of stories is an episodic look into the life of Socrates Fortlow; the book’s stoic main character, who must endure the daily struggles of being a symbolic black man in a predominately white man’s world. Without ever becoming too race centered, author Walter Mosley’s primary focus is about the animosity and conflict of inner city blacks that face the daily chaos; of violent crime, gangs, drugs, poverty, unemployment, police brutality, humiliation, and discrimination within their community. Each short story exhibits their own plot of morals, unforeseen wisdoms, and life lessons on how to maintain one’s own pride, dignity, respect and never resorting to violence as a source of resolution to any conflict one might face. In the book, Chapter 1: Crimson Shadow, Socrates bellows out this very sentiment, “how you gonna make it right?” [21]
Meet Socrates Fortlow, a 58 year old ex-con, who served 27 years in prison for double homicide and rape. Socrates finds himself 8 years after his release from incarceration, still struggling to survive on the mean streets of Los Angeles. Unemployed, he must scavenge for recyclable bottles and cans, he resides in a small two room dilapidated apartment, he has to
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