Aly A Short Story

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Alya turns her head. It is Jurgen, a station officer, equipped with his orange vest. Alya frwons while tries to open the padlock. Jurgen (CONT’D) That isn’t your bike, Alya. She closes her eyes for a moment, rising and approaching a black bicycle with a basket on the back. She opens the padlock without seeing, and pulls it out from the rack. Jurgen smiles. Suddenly, she U-turns her bike and breaking right in front of him. Alya Put it in your refrigerator, not in the freezer. Alya hands out a glass full of chocolate covered strawberry. Jurgen frowns. Alya (CONT’D) Fighting with your wife? Jurgen’s face’s getting crumpled. Alya’s tutting. She pushes the glass again toward Jurgen. Alya (CONT’D) For your daughter, Donna. She gets her school report card today.…show more content…
Jurgen laughs his head off and taking the red-chocolate glass. Alya backs on her bike, peddaling fast. 3. EXT. STREETS OF THUN – DAY Alya keeps riding on the side of a lake. Sometimes, it is heard the tires screeching of brakes. 4. EXT. ALYA’S APARTMENT – DAY With a half running, Alya brings her bike to the parking. She rushes to lock her bike. Alya sees another bike that was parked obliquely. She turns, parks it correctly and runs over the enter door. 5. INT. ALYAS’S HALLWAY APPARTEMENT – DAY While walking, Alya pulls out a key from her tight jeans. She pushes the door. BIMA Sst! Alya’s steps are detained. Bima stops her with a hand gesture. At the same time sitting on a sofa bed, Bima tunes his guitar with a tuning fork which he slaps on a small wooden
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