Alyson Cummins: A Theatre Review

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A seminar that starts with an opening question from Daisy, asking us about something interesting and cultural we saw during this week. Some of my colleagues mentioned that they saw serials like The Vampire Diaries, dance shows, and also that they are going to see later in the Gulbenkian, the theatre play I am a Beast. My answer to the opening question was the serial Heroes, and I was surprised how many people actually know it. I showed my interest in it and explained that I like it because it is different and it entertains me and keeps me away from stress when I am watching it, being fully concentrated into it. After this opening question, Daisy made us a proposition to choose in pairs to discuss about any topic, from the lecture or the reading.…show more content…
In addition, as I miss information from it, I will introduce my thoughts about the Tuesday's lecture with date 7/03/2017. Alyson Cummins is the designer that gave us the lecture, and I must say, it is also the person that showed me the importance of the role in theatre. Her passion and enthusiasm were clearly visible, and I really enjoyed listening to her and being able to see the process of her work step by step. First of all, she mentioned that if it is a complex play they might contact the designer 3 or 4 years before and that sounded shocking to me, as that means the designer is starting a work for a play that is going to be represented in 4-5 years. After that, Alyson starts her process of research, collaborating with the director and producer. In addition, she creates the story board with or without the director, and after creating also a mosaic, she brings a sketch module to the crew. It was also interesting that she mentioned how the production manager is doing almost everything, a good amount of work, and that she would be really stressed if that was her role. Moreover, another engaging part of her presentation was that she tries to save money as much as possible, being creative not only while designing, but outside that zone. Alyson Cummins also creates the costumes and the design could be ready an year before the rehearsals, she mentions, and when the performer starts to rehearse, they already know better their character than her. The pictures Alyson showed us from her shows and the designs for the costumes, staging, set, really impressed me, as she combined low budget strategies and still managed to create an exceptional
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