Alzheimer 's Disease : A Complete Look At The Onset And Progression Essay

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Alzheimer 's Disease - A Complete Look at the Onset and Progression Alzheimer 's disease is a condition that affects the cognitive status of many people around the world regardless of wealth, ethnicity, intelligence or any other factor. A specific case study that demonstrates the destructive nature of the disease can be seen in the case of Akram. Akram was an 80-year-old female with a past medical history of hypertension, diverticulitis, transient ischemic attack (TIA), and diabetes. She had a history of serious head injury at the age of 45 from an automobile accident, but she recovered well after some time in the hospital. She could remember childhood friends and family from 20+ years ago quite well. Her early symptoms were simple daily processes of life. She might put food in the oven to cook, but fail to turn it on after doing all the prep work. She also began to frequently misplace her keys and have trouble remembering where she put household items. She had been a very intelligent person with a lot of energy and had previously been involved in many volunteer projects she helped run. Her husband, mentioned that she had been having similar difficulties over the past two years. Driving was a big issue as well; she felt she could recall how, but still had trouble operating her vehicle. She also frequently got lost on routine trips, like to the grocery store. Additionally, she would forget whether she had eaten and had several extra meals in a day unless a helper or a

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