Alzheimer 's Disease : A Horrific Change

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Alzheimer 's disease which chronically leads to Senile Dementia, is a horrific change in homeostasis for human beings. The most obvious change in homeostasis from Alzheimer 's is loss of memory. Memory loss can vary from short term to long term. Alzheimer 's disease has been occurring in humans for a long time. This is a disease that affects different body systems, and interrupts homeostasis to a significant point. As Alzheimer 's disease is further investigated, there are more discoveries with how it is caused, what it affects, and how to reduce the risk of developing it. Alzheimer 's disease is a frightening disease that is represented in humans. There are many concerns with this disease that are worth finding out for the future victims…show more content…
This causes the loss in memory. This system normally works as a transmitter throughout the body. It sends responses to all parts of the body. While having alzheimer 's, the transmitters cannot completely get to the brain to indicate something wrong. The digestive system is affected because Alzheimer 's reductively makes a person sick to their stomach. This is not as often for some people as it is for others, but it is a common issue while having Alzheimer 's or Senile Dementia. The digestive system passages the nutrients needed for the body 's survival in the needed areas. Without getting food in and out of the body, this system does not work properly. The lack of food and water will only make matters worse for the person dealing with Alzheimer 's disease. Alzheimers ' disease can occur in a person usually in adulthood ages. Very rarely do minors get involved with this disease. For example, "Yolanda, started to lose her memory. The quiet but conscientious woman would say hello to a visitor and, moments later, would repeat the same greeting again- then again. By her mid-40s, Yolanda had developed early-onset Alzheimer 's disease"(Stir 50-57). Alzheimer 's does affect the memory of people, but at certain extents. Also, Alzheimer 's usually develops in a human when they fully mature over several years. This disease can be passed down by a mutated gene in the
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