Alzheimer 's Disease ( Ad ) Essay

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Alzheimer’s Disease is similar to a literal chipping block of the brain; it is like this conscious genetic machine that (figuratively and) continually deep-fries brain cells and makes them clump up into masses that entangle many cognitive processes that allow an individual to be who they are. It is the slow progression into death where the mental faculties are ravaged and pilfered; the sinews that tie each and every neuron and synapse together. Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a condition where there are different effects for different people; but most of all, it is a disease that robs a person of their personality, memory, individuality and their functional health (Kail, 568). Over ten (10) years ago, my grandmother had passed away from complications of AD, I remember how slowly the disease took over her life. As I have become older, I realize some of the things that she had done in the past that were early warning signs. To illustrate this further: One day I remember going to my grandmother’s house after school to check up on her. It was sometime in 2004 when I noticed something odd. Not a single thing in the house had been moved or cleaned for quite some time. There was three exceptions: the bathroom, patio and the kitchen. Every other place in her house was dusty and unkempt; there were newspapers and mail stacked up to the ceiling in the patio and it seems like my grandmother had resorted to living in her patio full time (which was sheltered and had four walls). Her

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