Alzheimer 's Disease : Symptoms And Treatment Of Dementia

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The Alzheimer’s Association reports that by the year 2025, around seven million people 65 years of age and older will be suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. There is other subsets of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease being one of the most well known. With the skyrocketing increase of individuals suffering from dementia will come the need for more intervention and prevention projects to help the number of individuals suffering from all forms of dementia. Even though there is an umbrella of different forms of dementia, dementia it self is a term used to describe a disease that is chronic, progressive, and terminal and each of the forms of dementia are classified in this way. Being that this disease is chronic, progressive, and terminal it is…show more content…
Early detection of dementia is essential because it can provide a means to seek appropriate agencies that will support the individual suffering from dementia as well as close family members and even friends. It also provides a means for support networks for the dementia suffering. Moreover, it provides prevention of behavior and psychological symptoms. This means the progression of the disease can be delayed with early detection, prevention, and diagnosis. A lot of individuals’ caring for their elder loved ones will ask how they can look for sings of dementia to reduce the excessive disability, dependency, and suffering of the dementia sufferer. Signs of dementia start in the earlies stage of dementia, often known as early stage dementia. Early stage dementia is the earliest detection, and symptoms of early stage are marginally overlooked, because once again the sings are mistaken for signs of normal aging in the elderly. However, sings include memory loss, cognitive impairments, and behavioral deterioration. A lot of symptoms of dementia have to do with memory deterioration. This deterioration is due to the fact that the disease is classified as damage to the brain, it literally is the braining dying, and shrinking away. This damage creates the lack of ability for cells to communicate with each other. Therefore, individuals who have dementia will go through major changes as the brain dwindles away. One will see a person with dementia
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