Alzheimer 's Disease : The Most Common Form Of Dementia Essay

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Alzheimer’s disease, considered the most common form of dementia, is a degenerative brain disorder which leads to loss of memory and decline of cognitive thinking. Alzheimer’s disease effects over 5 million Americans, a number which is expected to triple in the projected future, and is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States (Dougherty, R.J., et al). Majority of these affected people are sixty-five years of age or older and have what is called late-onset Alzheimer’s, whilst a smaller margin of individuals is younger than sixty-five years of age and are said to have early-onset Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s disease presents itself in three main stages, is caused by the degeneration of neurons and by the changes in protein composition in the brain, and despite the lack of definitive, early diagnosis or preventative treatment the disease can to a certain degree be detected and managed.
Alzheimer’s disease gradually develops over a period of years and can last decades. The disease itself can be broken down into three main stages: the early stage, the moderate stage, and the severe stage. Each of the three stages exhibits a progression of the symptoms from the prior stage. In the first stage, the early stage, most patients generally have difficulty finding the right words, take a longer time to react, and struggle with short term memory loss (Alzheimer’s Disease). This stage can last anywhere from two to four years and is often when the disease is first diagnosed in
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