Alzheimer 's Disease : The Most Common Form Of Dementia

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One in three seniors die of Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia (Godman). Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia but all types of dementia diseases effect seniors and their families in a dramatic drastic way. Early signs of Alzheimer’s start as early as the age of 30 and can affect someone for the rest of their life. These diseases have become more reoccurring every year, effecting around 5.3 million Americans and will continue to change lives for the rest of time (Bender, 2). As of now, there has been no cure for Alzheimer’s but scientists and doctors are putting time and effort into an Alzheimer’s cure through research, trials and ways to prevent the disease.
What is Alzheimer’s disease and how is it affecting lives in the world today? The Alzheimer’s Association state that every 67 seconds someone is diagnosed with the Alzheimer’s disease (Alzheimer’s Association, 2). The Alzheimer’s disease occurs in middle to older ages, and is a general deterioration of the brain. Symptoms of the Alzheimer’s disease include memory loss within the daily lifestyle, hard time completing tasks and problems, misunderstanding time and/or place, clarity problems with relationships or visual images, personality and mood deviations, and removing oneself from social and work activities that are in their normal lifestyle. The Alzheimer’s disease does get worse and progress overtime, and is one of the leading diseases for the cause of death. Bright Focus Foundation
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