Alzheimer 's Disease : The Mysterious Tragedy Essay

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Abstract Alzheimer 's Disease is a name that is not entirely uncommon. Alzheimer 's is a disease that has only recently been classified as one, though it is not uncommon to mankind. Before Dr. Alzheimer officially diagnosed it has been present before under the premise of old age and dementia, as both disorders are a disruption of neural pathways related to memory and normal brain operation. Memory in this sense is not bound to the idea of experiences worth cherishing, but also incorporates loss of memory related to operation and usage of many everyday tasks. Despite a lack of understanding of this problem, continuing research into Alzheimer 's disease shows that there are viable treatment options, along with potential for a cure. Alzheimer’s Disease: The Mysterious Tragedy Diagnosing a patient with Alzheimer 's is always a difficult task, and takes a toll on everyone, but the patient can be truly diagnosed with Alzheimer 's after an autopsy is performed (Khachaturian, 1985, 1097-1105). Only an autopsy can determine if a person has dementia or if their brain is actually loosing gray matter, or if "neuroinflamation played an increasing role in the brain changes that occur in Alzheimer 's" (Campea, 2016). As terrible as it is, our current knowledge of the disease only allows doctors to suspect that an elderly person is developing Alzheimer 's, but it is a broad spectrum of problems, as it can include: short term memory loss, long term memory loss, brain damage,
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