Alzheimer 's Disease Treatments And Stages Of The Disease

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When I began, I knew next to nothing about this deadly disease. All I knew was that it was a widespread and dangerous disease, capable of ruining the lives of many American people. When I found the topic, I had been researching about different forms of degenerative diseases in the hopes of finding a suitable topic for my project. I saw Alzheimer’s was both the most common disease in the field and the most deadly, and immediately I decided. After finding the topic, I began researching the guiding question of my research: What treatments are currently available to treat Alzheimer’s and what entails the different stages of the disease? This question was the northern star of my research, and provided a great tool to stay focused on a specific…show more content…
It was not always easy though, I had to dig through many advertisements to find what I was looking for. Many sites attempted to sell their services to me, or to provide information to me about the types of care they offered. However these were not the sites that I was looking for to learn more information, so I turned to government and international organizations for my information. Sources that I used frequently included Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization, and the National Institute on Aging. These sources all were a great help to my research, providing accurate and ample information for my research. After learning the basics, I then turned to the more advanced information on Alzheimer’s disease specifically. I had to dig deeper past the basic information provided on the government sites, and turn to some sites that specifically offer information about Alzheimer’s disease. To do this, I began researching on sites that offered detailed data on the topic, namely the Alzheimer’s Association and Alzheimer’s Organization. As I went on, I learned that there were a very limited number of effective treatments, which I realized would provide more support on my topics validity. I also learned about the various differences between stages of Alzheimer’s progression, sparking more interest on my part for the topic. During the time I was researching I was also planning an interview with a doctor from my local area.
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