Alzheimer 's Is A Non Lethal Disease

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Many believe that Alzheimer’s is a non-lethal disease, however, they couldn’t be more wrong. Alzheimer’s is a disease that leaves no survivors. It is lethal and has absolutely no mercy towards any one. It does not discriminate between race or gender, rich or poor. Anyone can be a target. So much, that it is now the sixth leading cause of death and it continues to rise each year (Ryan). Yet, the scariest thing about Alzheimer’s, is not just the memory loss, but also the fact that it has no cure and is irreversible. All hope, however, is not lost. New research has shown that if caught at a very early stage, the rate of deterioration of the brain due to Alzheimer’s, can be slowed down through treatments and therapy (Robinson). Although it is no cure, it can buy more time with a loved one diagnosed with this mindless killer. By catching Alzheimer’s at an early stage and looking out for the symptoms, one can slow down the deadly effects of Alzheimer’s. What is Alzheimer’s? Many believe they know exactly what it is and how it affects us, but in reality, many don’t realize how deadly it truly is. Alzheimer’s disease is said to be the most common form of dementia (Brandt). It is a disease that slowly kills thinking skills as well as memory and the ability to function properly. The deterioration and changes in the brain, however, can begin anywhere from ten to fifteen years before the signs of memory loss appear (CDC). Changes begin as, abnormal deposits of proteins form amyloid
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