Alzheimer 's Research Paper : Alzheimer And Its Symptoms

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Meghan Odell English IV- 5 Mrs. Crow 18 November 2015 Alzheimer’s Research Paper There are three separate stages of Alzheimer’s, they are all so different and yet so similar. Many people have a false recollection of Alzheimer’s disease and its symptoms. Many believe that people only get Alzheimer’s as a result of aging. Alzheimer’s disease is not a disease that happens because the human body gets worn down, but because of a change occurring in the human brain. Alzheimer’s is a serious disease that needs to to be acknowledged not just by the the elderly, but by everyone. Alzheimer’s has become the most common type of dementia (What is Alzheimer’s). Alzheimer’s is accountable for up to eighty percent of dementia cases (What is…show more content…
Many people do not know how common this disease is in today’s society. “Every sixty-seven seconds someone in the United States develops this disease” (Stages of Alzheimer’s). According to the statistics provided by the Alzheimer’s Association, “ Alzheimer’s disease is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States” (Stages of Alzheimer’s). Alzheimer’s is separated into three distinct categories such as “ mild Alzheimer’s disease, moderate Alzheimer’s disease, and severe Alzheimer’s disease” (Stages of Alzheimer’s). The first stage of Alzheimer’s is considered to be mild. According to the Alzheimer’s Association “the most common symptom of early Alzheimer’s is difficulty remembering newly learned information, because Alzheimer’s changes typically begin in that part of the brain that affects learning” (What is Alzheimer’s). There are other symptoms that are associated with mild Alzheimer’s such as “memory loss, hard time completing everyday tasks, confusion about dates and times, problem speaking and/ or writing…” (10 Early Signs and Symptoms). One might even be less involved at home or at work than usual, and have a change in behavior. Another symptom that people with mild Alzheimer’s may get as a result of the disease progressing is the lack of memorization of names and increasing grammar problems. At first they will be little
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