Alzheimer's Closet Research Paper

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What is the definition of a closet? An enclosed space used for the storage of clothing, in use or stored away to be used at another time. Storage of linens, or other private items that serve no purpose at the time and never service again. This is also symbolic to a person’s memory lost due to Alzheimer’s disease. Mary’s closet is an idea that surfaced during a time of my life that was very sad for my family and I. My mom whom was diagnosed with the on-set of the disease in after suffering a stroke 2008 met her demise in 2011. We watched helplessly as the disease took over her every being as it robbed her of her memory , mobility, and cognitive impairment. This woman, once vibrant, smart, and a lover of all Al Greene music , and…show more content…
Alzheimer’s disease is neurodegenerative disease that affects the person’s cognitive skills , such as thinking, remembering and reasoning. CITE The Alzheimer’s Project, Momentum In…show more content…
P5. Although there are current medications options being used today may help people function better for a few weeks or months, or years, these medications do not cure the disease. It is documented that once the memory is lost, it cannot be regained. It is estimated that 20 million people suffer from this disease worldwide. CITE
After witnessing how the caregiver struggled ever so carefully to bathe and dress her, carefully positioning her arms and lower extremities that were now left weak from the results of a stroke, it occurred to me that people in her condition could probably use a less difficult item to adorn. And so the idea of Mary’s closet came to light. Because of my love of sewing, it occurred to me that perhaps I can create garments that are easily adaptive to
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