Alzheimer's Disease Prevalence Essay

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Alzheimer’s Disease Prevalence in Men and Women Alzheimer’s disease is an affliction that many families and individuals all over the world have to endure. As the individual slowly loses their memory and their ability to recognize themselves and others, they succumb to the disease soon after. Elderly people are most often associated with this disease, but a significant population under the age of 40 has shown symptoms of this disease. The positive news is that people, especially young people, can take precautionary measures to avoid being afflicted with Alzheimer’s. Researchers have conducted studies to determine whether Alzheimer’s is truly more prevalent in females rather than males. Alzheimer’s disease differs in how men and women are affected. It is essential to look at the physiological differences in men and women to fully comprehend the difference in prevalence factors. If medical professionals can better understand how the differences in AD in males vs. females, the better the treatments can be made available for certain genders. Treatments…show more content…
In order to determine which factors are responsible for the gender disparity in the prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease, the researchers conducted a three-year study in Boston, Massachusetts using 3,809 participants. The participants were required to be non-institutionalized in order to participate and were put in two different cohorts. In order to analyze the incidence and the prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease based on gender; one cohort was healthy and did not exhibit Alzheimer’s disease while the other cohort was afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease. In another study from Duke University Medical Center, researchers followed 400 men and women in their 70s. They found that women had a steeper decline, two times faster, than the rate of cognitive decline in men (“Alzheimer’s Treatment and Care”, n.d, para
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