Alzheimer's Disease: The Forgetful Disease

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The Forgetful Disease Approximately 44 million people worldwide are living with Alzheimer’s. More than 5.3 out of the 44 million of people living with Alzheimer’s are Americans. This makes it the sixth leading cause of death in the United States. All things considered, it makes it highly likely that someone within your life is living with this disease. Therefore, people need to educate themselves on the effects of Alzheimer’s because it is increasingly affecting the lives of countless people worldwide. First, Alzheimer’s is a progressive and degenerative disease that attacks the brain’s nerve cells resulting in memory loss, thinking skills, and behavioral changes. An estimated 800,000 people that have Alzheimer’s are living alone with no…show more content…
Because mood and behavioral changes are part of the disease the effects will vary with each person. The four types of Alzheimer’s patients are: good natured, apathetic, depressed, and then paranoid and frightened. The good natured patients tend to be aware that they have the disease but try to keep a positive attitude and an open mind. The apathetic patients tend to start to lose the desire to put up a fight against the disease, they start to struggle with everyday tasks, and the struggle with complexing thoughts and sentences. Depressed patients tend to become aware that their condition is worsening and feel defenseless. The paranoid and frightened patients begin to lose their sense of reality and experience personality…show more content…
Along with another protein called APP. If these genes are present it is likely early onset Alzheimer’s will develop. These genes are almost always an indicator of early onset. Having a gene called APOE on the nineteenth chromosome will likely cause late onset Alzheimer’s. Although they cannot completely determine whether or not Alzheimer’s, these tests will help determine the risk of developing this disease. In fact, there are many more tests that people have the ability to take. One of those tests is called genetic blood testing. Another test, which happens to be the most common, is called a neuropsychological test. Other tests they may use to determine if the disease is present includes: an MRI scan, a PET scan, and a CT scan. These all take images of the brain, allowing the doctors determine if the disease is present. Doctors have determined that the earliest sign of ALzheimer’s is believed to be decreased blood flow in the brain. Previously it was believed that protein clumps in the brain were the first sign. Today’s world is much more familiar with this disease than people were at any other time before. There are countless trials and researches that Americans are able to take part in. Although they have not found a cure for Alzheimer’s they are getting closer to finding drugs that can prevent this

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