Am Getting Old Now

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I 'm getting old now is a prose poem. It is quite vibrant and simple and presents the theme of cycle of life.It depicts the poet 's acceptance of death and links with with his nostalgic memories of his mother. The first part of the poem symbolize his dream while second part signifies that he is close to death. He address death as a long lost friend whom he seeks to meet in the near future. Realizing that he has got less time to spend on earth he reminisce his past memories and dream a lot. In his dream he recollects how much love and pride his mother had in him. The poem is very touching and it instills in us the pain we feel when we reminisce about good things long lost. A few Key Points: Meeting of different cultures: tourist comes…show more content…
But this is a far cry from the real way of devotion. Sri Aurobindo has expounded the nature of this path in his The Synthesis of Yoga. But he has conceded that in the religions of the masses, “…a most external form of ceremonial worship” , has a legitimate role to play. This is said in the light of the tantric gradation of spiritual pursuit which begins at the level of “…the herd, the animal or the physical being, the lowest stage of its discipline…” But larger and larger segments of this herd is getting estranged from their usual beaten tracks and wandering away from moral ways and seeking solace in drugs and debauchery. This is a clear indication that mankind has come of age, that here after mankind has no use for organized religions of the traditional types.The clergy knows this; that is why it resorts to terrorism in desperation.A college professor 's palm was chopped of by the agents of terror who speak for Islam. And the Christian management of his college had him dismissed. Do you know what he was accused of? He had used the name Muhammad in a question he had set for his students. The question required the students to apply punctuation marks to a passage that reported a conversation between a character named Muhammad and God. And well/hell, the professor got his palm chopped off in the name of the Merciful.If this is religion then religion is doomed. church going is

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