Am I Attending College

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I am a first generation college student and while I have always wanted to attend college, I haven’t continuously received support from my family. Both my parents grew up in families with tight economical situations with my fathers being exceptionally limited. Therefore they both were never able to attend higher education. My father has never truly seen the value of an education and at first didn’t believe that I should attend college at all, partly due to the cost. On the other hand my mother desperately wants me to attend college but is also worried about the cost. In the fall of my junior year I began taking college credit plus classes at Ohio State University, Newark and Central Ohio Technical College in order to cut down on college cost and get a head start on my education. I choose to take matters into my own hands and pick a path to my future. As a result I was finally able to convince my father that despite his beliefs, college is the right choice for me.…show more content…
In the past I have experienced bullying and discrimination from those around me. I attend a small high school in licking county Ohio that is rather undiverse, so anyone that is seen as remotely different is targeted. Throughout the years I have experienced the normal slurs and jeers from my high school peers, as well as the disapproval from my father and his side of the family. I have learned over time that in order to continue on, I need to develop a tougher skin and not always listen to the opinions of others, no matter how destructive they may be. I have discovered that I am the only one that can hold myself back and have the ability achieve my dreams however I shall
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