`` Am I Blue `` By Alice Walker

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In her essay, “Am I Blue,” Alice Walker argues how humans disregard the emotional similarities they share with animals. Walker incorporates in her argument the similarities between her emotions as a human, and the emotions of animals. Additionally, she presents her argument through the structure of the essay, and through her use of language. Furthermore, the overall argument of this essay is not only eye-opening, but also persuasive considering that it leaves the reader with a life question; what standards am I living by? When reading through the essay, the reader notices how the overall structure of this piece of literature changes from personal to political. This is executed through Walkers explanation of her personal encounter with Blue, later leading to her political explanation of animal and human discrimination. She begins her essay by observing Blue’s life and how he finds love but later loses it, ultimately going into a complete state of sorrow and anger. She goes to illuminate this fact by mentioning “I dreaded looking into his eyes-because I had of course noticed that Brown, his partner, had gone-but I did look. If I had been born into slavery, and my partner had been sold or killed, my eyes would have looked like that.” (p.866). This quote helps to show the emotional comparison she draws between humans and animals, specifically, how animals can feel sorrow, anger, and loss of hope. Walker transitions the structure of the essay from Blue’s loss, to humanities
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