“Am I Going To Die” Are The Words That Are Forever Engraved

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“Am I going to die” are the words that are forever engraved into my soul. That small moment in time forever changed me as a person and who I wanted to be from then on. I stared powerless as this fragile seventeen-year-old was having a mental break down right in front of me, unable to look away from the wreckage that was now his life. His doctor had just informed him that he was HIV positive, just a few months shy of his high school graduation. He is just one out of the 12,000 teens that contracts HIV every year (CDC). Because the majority of adolescents have some form of sexual exposure by the time they leave high school, a comprehensive sex education program is necessary to teach them the skill and tools to protect themselves from…show more content…
Herpes is not far behind HIV, with one in every five adolescent and adults become infected and two-thirds of that number are young adults under the age of 25 (Teen Help). This STD is also incurable and secretly lives in the body, leaving the person to only guess when an outbreak will happen. Because “many adolescents underestimate their infection risk and they have mistaken ideas about what protect them from STDs and what does not,” (Brückner 277) many do not take the proper precautions necessary to protect themselves. This leaves “[o]ne third of all sexually active young people [to] become infected with an STD by age 24” (Kirby 145). Unfortunately, STDs can cause havoc on adolescent’s lives because their mistakes can follow them the rest of their lives.
The slogan for abstinence-only programs is that the only way to protect yourself from contracting an STD or unwanted pregnancy is by abstaining from sex completely, yet the STD and pregnancy rates among adolescents in the United States is still incredible high compared to other civilized countries. This is because of an all or nothing mentality that promotes teens to hide their sexual activity as well as sustaining their lack of knowledge and tools to stop unwanted pregnancies and STDs. Furthermore, abstinence-only programs fail to inform teens about how to use contraception’s properly, as well as manipulating and falsifying information about

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