Essay on Amadeus Influential Values

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Amadeus Influential Values

Peter Shaffer’s Amadeus presents to the reader many human values. The most prominent being envy, deceit and self-sacrifice. During the course of the play these features are displayed through Salieri’s actions, emotions and dialogue.
The relationship between Salieri and Mozart is like a painting, commencing with splattered envy after Mozart’s extordinary musical talents disrupt Salieri’s clean, white, sanity. Splatters become blotches when Mozart uses Salieri’s “prize pupil” (33), Katherina Cavalieri, to fulfill his professional and sexual aspirations. Covered in thick, black envy, Salieri seeks lust to better himself than his opponent: “As I watched her walk away on the arm of the creature, I
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Salieri trying to interfere with Mozart’s opera, The Marriage of Figaro displays his second step of deceit. Upon hearing that Mozart’s new opera contained ballet, which is verboten in the Emperor’s operas, he wickedly conveys this information to his colleagues and attempts to destroy his opera. Although Mozart is distressed when approached by this fact, he still manages to work through his deceit and is able to achieve the emperor’s consent of the dance after being harassed and mentally walloped on from Salieri and his colleagues. Mozart accuses Salieri at the beginning of this uproar but is then altered after hearing this following quote from Salieri displaying his feign concern for the stressed fellow: “Mozart, permit me. If you wish, I will speak to the Emperor myself. Ask him to attend a rehearsal” (70).
Salieri’s third step of deceit is illustrated by having the Baron attend a small opera hosted by Mozart that mocks modern day opera themes. This of course enrages the Baron and causes Mozart to be shunned by all men of influence and leads him deeper into depression. Salieri “had of course suggested it” (92), for the Baron to come but keeps his amity with Mozart by expressing that “all is not lost” (93).
The final step of deceit is exhibited by way of Salieri appearing “to the demented creature as – the Messenger of God!” (94) And scaring him to death by forcing him to write his own requiem. With Mozart at his weakest state,
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